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What can be done by reversing the action?

Many people believe that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are untraceable and that the transactions are irreversible, but this is not true. Reversing transactions can help you track and trace your digital coins and restore your reputation.

We offer cryptographic services including:

Free consultation and evidence collection
Crypto Transaction Analysis
Trace contracts (using CipherTrace software)
Crypto Litigation
Prepare a detailed report
Counseling and counseling
Help with legal claim letter
Are crypto transactions risky?
Cryptocurrencies were developed as an alternative to centralized, government-controlled fiat money. While government-issued cash is easy to track and trace, crypto transactions are done through blockchain and anonymity.

Anonymity This is what scammers count on. Some of the main issues are:

Encrypted Crypto Wallet

Crypto transactions are usually irreversible
Criminals can be very hard to find
How can reversing transactions help crypto fraud?
Although almost anonymous, crypto transactions are completely untraceable. Bitcoin and other digital coins can be tracked from one wallet to another using a transaction number.

Our services include:

Analyze the information we hold
Using advanced techniques and software such as CipherTrace
Rely on our experts to help you gather enough information about the owner of the wallet
Let Action Reversal help you in your crypto debate
Instead of despairing and handing over your hard-earned money to scammers, take the first step to a crypto adventure. We will take this step with you.

Time is of the essence, so report fraud immediately and let our crypto fingerprint experts do what they do best!

CipherTrace crypto software
What is CipherTrace?
CipherTrace is a software that uses AI technology and big data to track your digital coins. This allows us to do a complete financial analysis, because now we can process your ID and other things from your wallet.

If your crypto changes multiple wallets, as often happens in fraudulent transactions, we can see the whole process. Finally, we can find the final destination and transfer the buyer’s wallet to a specific exchange.

Is CipherTrace safe to use?
CipherTrace was recently acquired by MasterCard, one of the two major credit card companies. Comply with AML, KYC and other relevant policies.

The goal of CipherTrace software is to detect crypto fraud and reduce the risk to consumers like yourself and improve their online security.

Transaction recovery experts can help anyone who needs to find and recover their cryptocurrency.

Got scammed online?

We are here for all of you who are victims of all kinds of online scams. Our team is ready to track your money and return you what is rightfully yours, no matter how dire the situation.

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