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Wire Transfer Recall

What is wire transfer recall?

If you have transferred money through your bank account or, better yet, a wire transfer, you have the option of returning your balance.

If you have been defrauded, immediately contact your bank and a SWIFT recall should be initiated. You should explain to your bank that the transaction is fraudulent and give them all the details. Bankers will ask for the amount, transaction time, account number and personal information, so be prepared to provide all of the above.

You can also ask your bank to report the fraud to the receiving bank’s fraud department, which can freeze the money after the transfer. If the funds have been disbursed, your bank should start an investigation and find out where the funds were transferred and how they can be traced.

As you can imagine, such procedures are very expensive and require bank employees to work overtime and consult with prospective buyers’ banks in other countries.

How can reversing motion help?

We will evaluate your case in detail
We will collect the necessary evidence to obtain a SWIFT recall
We will deal with the bureaucracy and complete all the paperwork
We will keep you updated on all our steps and progress
We will protect your rights throughout the process.

Got scammed online?

We are here for all of you who are victims of all kinds of online scams. Our team is ready to track your money and return you what is rightfully yours, no matter how dire the situation.

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