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How to spot a scam website?

It is difficult to spot fake, fake or scam websites. Fraudsters are becoming more skilled and sophisticated in creating convincing websites. Follow these simple steps to check if a website is legitimate:

Contact the company in question
Many fake websites use domain names that represent specific brands or product names – usually fake. Remember – Beware of domains ending in .net/.org as they are rarely used for online shopping.

A genuine offer
If you see a low price with a ridiculous discount, you should be a little skeptical. Unfortunately, when costs seem unrealistic, they can be deceiving. Cam website users take advantage of low prices to buy fake, illegitimate services or non-existent goods.

There is always a question of bank transfer
Alarm bells should ring if users need to pay online via bank transfer. All counterfeit or non-branded products purchased with credit/debit are free. But if you paid by bank transfer, there is very little you can do to get your money back

Check the website
Please take a few minutes to review the site. Maybe go to the home page or the “About Us” page and read the text there. Notice bad English, such as spelling and grammar mistakes or incorrect sentences. This may indicate that the site is not genuine and is promoted by foreigners who want to make a quick buck.

Refund policy
If a company sells its products online, it should have a return policy listed on its website. If it’s a real company, it should tell you how to get a refund and where to get it.

Check online reviews
Look at reviews from various sources, such as Trustpilot or Sitejabber, which aggregate customer reviews. Do not check just one review website – check several to avoid being influenced by them.

The results
Use the method above to confirm.

We hope this information is useful so that users are not deceived.

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