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How chargeback work?

A chargeback is a card transaction dispute that provides a refund for the purchase. Bank charges are used by withdrawing funds deposited into the retailer/bank account and withdrawing. The buyer can dispute the payment with the bank if they can prove that the payment was incorrect.

Charging vs. Article 75
Reimbursement is part of the scheme rules, not statutory.

Debit Cards – Although the exact rules may vary between Visa, Maestro and American Express networks, they apply to all debit cards.

Credit card – Payment is more beneficial if the value of the goods or services is less than £100 unless section 75 applies. For all credit cards over £100, you have rights under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

When can I charge?
The cost is payable if the goods do not arrive at all, are damaged, different from the description or the merchant has ceased trading. If you ordered two items and only one arrived, request a refund based on what you did not receive.

But you cannot claim the cost of repairing the fault. Chargeback does not assume joint responsibility with the card company. The bank that issued your debit or credit card must make the requirements.

What can be the result?
Finally, if possible, you can withdraw funds from the merchant bank. But there is no guarantee that your bank will return the money through a refund.

The merchant can answer that you are in breach of contract because you don’t pay. We advise our readers to be careful when looking for services/products online.

Are there other options?
Yes, anyone can apply online for an authorized restoration company. These companies specialize in compensation and can save you time dealing with bureaucracy.

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