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Guide to online shopping scams

Financial fraud is not new. The first can be traced back to ancient Greece, specifically Hegestratos, who took out a comprehensive insurance policy for cargo ships. He planned to sink the ship, collect debts and sell the cargo. But he failed and he drowned in it.

Now the scam has moved to the more advanced and online world. Without seeing who is on the other end of the phone or computer, you can only guess where your money is and who is keeping it.

We will dive deep into online shopping scam organizations and their internal structures.

Who Are Online Shopping Scams?
When people think about scams, they believe their money is taken by someone sitting in their mother’s basement spinning random numbers. That may have been the case back then, but today online shopping scammers are big business. These companies have hundreds of employees who are specially trained to scam victims and take their hard earned money.

They are sitting in their big business hours trying to carry out legal procedures. In fact, they recruit new agents to expand their scam and expand it on a larger scale.

Many of these illegal businesses are officially registered offshore in places like St. Vincent and the Grenadines or the Marshall Islands. However, this is only a fictional headquarters. In fact, the call centers are closer, mostly in Eastern Europe.

Countries like Bulgaria, Serbia and Albania are havens for financial fraudsters. Each of these is actually registered as a marketing company or call center when their business is stealing money. If you hear an unusual accent, it’s because the caller is not far from your country, even if the story is well-intentioned.

We have seen hundreds of raids by the German police and other authorities trying to root out such scams. But when one of the call centers closed, three others took its place.

How to prepare online shopping scammers?
If you feel like a fool for believing online scams, you’re not alone. These people are highly educated and live their stories every day. You have nothing to blame yourself for.

Their pitch is based on learning the sales script using phrases people like to hear. If you’re wondering how they know your deepest desires, it’s because people are not as different as they think. We all want the same thing – financial freedom. Our goals are different, but the bottom line is the same – we need money. That’s what cheaters play.

Every company provides sales training to people who have no experience in what to say and how to say it. In the end, it doesn’t matter what they say, but how they feel. How to motivate you and how to use your emotions against you. This is something that everyone who calls you knows.

If you’ve seen Glengarry Glen Ross, you know the ABC rules very well. Always closed.

Deceptive techniques
The first contact is with the reception desk. Their minimum deposit is usually $250. They are usually too angry to say no. They use words like “low volume, only $250” and describe the benefits in adjectives. According to them, every investor has the potential to make millions. This is true. You are right. But not with fake companies.

After they agree to the first payment, you will be contacted by someone called an account manager. These people appear to be unlicensed financial advisors. When they tell you all about help, help and increasing your chances of success, the last thing they think is to charge as much money as possible. Some of the most common methods are:

Show clients fake results to build trust
Mirror – to empathize with you and share your life story
Ask a lot of personal questions that will work against you
Using the right phrases at the right time
Blaming and creating psychological pressure for losses.
Sometimes, it can help you make a small profit and allow you to step back to gain confidence. They will stop responding when you spend more money. Apart from the human side, there are several methods that have been identified to create false urgency.

Margin call – threatening to lose everything if you don’t deposit more money
A great shopping opportunity you won’t want to miss
I asked for high taxes and withdrawal fees.
No matter what you do, whether you pay or not, you will never see a dime again.

How to prevent the victim from falling?
Once you understand that you can be scammed at any time and that these people belong to a big company, you need to know how to protect yourself.

First, don’t sign up for ads. If the offer seems legitimate, like promising thousands of dollars in a few hours, go for it. It’s safer than that

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